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If you are looking for a tuxedo for a wedding, prom, or formal event, we offer high quality tuxedos for your needs. Get a suit that is perfectly tailored to your event and your size from Formals Only Tuxedos. We carry a large selection of modern and slim fit styles and are experts in fitting and tailoring for that modern look.

A tuxedo should be an elegant, personalized, statement – the highest form of attire – to show respect for those most important events in life, where a mere suit just doesn’t cut it. From the cut of the jacket, to the fit of the pants, you should feel and look like a million dollars in your tuxedo. Get a tuxedo created especially for you by the experienced staff at Formals Only Tuxedos.

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Get the tuxedo experience you should always have.

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In the ongoing battle between online commerce and brick-and-mortar stores, tuxedo rental has recently become one of the combatants. But unless you live in a rural area that has no tux shops within 100 miles, or you're physically unable to get to a store, this should be a "no-brainer".


First, consider the fitting process. They use an "algorithm". But they also want you to either measure yourself or go to a tux shop and get measured. The tux shop will charge you between $10 and $20 for this. (We charge $10). How accurate is this system? Well, there's a reason they send you the tux 7-10 days early, and it's not to do you a favor. It's to do exchanges; they know that the vast ,majority of times the tux does not fit right. On the other hand, we get it right for the first time literally 99 times out of 100, because we know to measure AND we know how to fit; they are not the same thing. The line we hear most often from our customers is "This tux fits better than all my suits". The reason for that is because they were fit by either themselves or an inexperienced salesperson. The algorithm is the math equivalent of an inexperienced salesperson.

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