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Have groomsmen coming to your wedding from all over and no way to get a personal fitting? This is no issue with Formals Only Tuxedos. We offer the option to submit your measurements via email!

- Go to www.tuxedofit.com

- Go to a participating tuxedo shop

- Get your tuxedo measurements

- Submit your measurements on www.tuxedofit.com or fax the measurement sheet back to Formals Only Tuxedos

- Receive your perfectly tailored tuxedo!

Our process:

If you have a lot of out-of-town groomsmen, get everyone together on a conference call or a text message chain and make sure everyone knows to get their measurements completed in their city.


The sooner all of the groomsmen send in their measurements, the sooner we can get all of the tuxedos ready for the special day. No extra trips or extra money spent required!

Get your groomsmen together

Submit a measurement and get a tuxedo!


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